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Saturday, October 25, 2014


 Gender: Baby Boy!!!!!!
How far along? 13 weeks
Baby Size: Lemon
Total weight gain: 3 lbs  
Exercise: None besides chasing Kinsley around!  Need to start walking around the neighborhood and get moving! 
Recent happenings? We just found out the sex of the baby! Matt wasn't able to make it to my doctor appointment, so I surprised him at work with a little baby boy football tee(above). He was speechless and then he went down the hall to tell his colleague! We couldn't be more excited and feel so blessed.
How my life has changed so far: I cherish Kinsley's nap time, its the highlight of my day! Not because she is sleeping but because I myself take a little afternoon siesta, I sleep so hard its unbelievable.  
Movement: I have felt this tiny dude a handful of times already, I can't believe how fast things are progressing!
Food cravings: All things sweet and grilled cheese sandwiches!
Symptoms: My nausea has subsided and now I find myself hungry all the time, more so than when I was pregnant with Kinny.