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Monday, July 30, 2012


I want this print for my room
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A little outfit inspiration

Rawr!Fun magnets to jazz up our fridge & display/remind us of our upcoming social events!
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Polka dot craze, I'm in!
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A little lace goes a long way
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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


My Hump

A gift from The Fitz-Gerald's her Aunt & Uncle via friendship! How adorable <3

Gender:  Girly Girl!!!
How far along? 30 weeks only 10 more to go!
Baby Size:  3 lbs & 15 inches long
Total weight gain: 17+ lbs  
Maternity clothes? Still mixing in my regular clothes & trying to make my hump look stylish!  
Exercise: Staying with my Pre-Natal yoga class once a week.  
Recent happenings? This baby is taking all of my nutrients; my Doctor has me taking slow releasing iron now. I’m up to 5 vitamins a day! Im also dying to hear about Matt’s Daddy bootcamp it’s tomorrow night! Wish there was a double sided mirror for the wives to watch, I can only imagine how funny it would be!
How my life has changed so far:  We are now starting to train our other baby… our dog Lute to sleep in the main part of the house to become more of a watch dog rather than our big cuddly snuggle bunny. We moved his bed out of our room & into the main part of the house so he can conduct his nightly patrol and keep our soon to be family of 3 safe! He is taking his job very seriously and I think he likes his new role in the household!
*All recommendations from Gigi she holds a gold medal in security, love you Mom J
Movement: Her movements are much stronger now.  She is a silly one, about once a day now she gets me good with a few really strong thrusts that I literally shout with surprise!  I’m also noticing movement from the outside as well where I can see a bulge on one side of my belly where I am guessing her little butt is pressingJ
Food cravings: Back to bagels, cinnamon raisin with butter is on the menu for lunch this week!  I went through a chocolate cereal thing for a day where I ate it dry and right out of the box until my stomach ached (it still makes me grossed out just thinking about it). Still loving fruit: nectarines, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, cantelope, you  name it!    
Symptoms: It’s a sick cycle I’m thirsty throughout the night , which leads to you guessed it…lots of potty breaks as well. My nesting has kicked in a little bit and I’m anxious to get things marked off my checklist!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


9 Layer Tostada

 Mexican food as we all know is super yummy but loaded with fat & endless calories!  So I prefer to try and duplicate a healthier version at home whenever possible.  I came across a picture on Pinterest yesterday that gave me this idea!

1. I brushed a tortilla with olive oil & sprinkled a little sea salt on top.  Baked at 350 until very light golden in color for the tostada crisp
2. Spread a layer of refried beans
3. Topped with ground turkey seasoned with Lawry's chicken taco packet
4. Mexican 2% cheese
5. Shredded lettuce
6. Fresh tomatoes
7. Black olives
8. Tbsp of Fage 2% yogurt
9. Green chiles

Monday, July 9, 2012


While waiting for my glucose test I snapped a pic at my Doctors office

Gender:  BABY GIRL!!!
How far along? 27 weeks
Baby Size:  2 lbs and 14.5 inches long
Total weight gain: 16 lbs
Maternity clothes?  I caved & bought a Moo moo sized dress-shirt/pj top by Gilligan Morgan from Target.  When I get home I want to strip down and be comfy without anything around my waist, I wouldn’t be caught dead in this thing but boy is it nice when I get homeJ
Exercise:  Not a whole lot to be honest, I promised myself to do weights at home this week! I do park farther away to make myself walk more and I always opt for the stairs whenever possible.  I also have my Yoga class on Saturdays that I look forward to.
Recent happenings? I had my glucose test done last week and I have to say I didn’t think it tasted that bad, it tasted like a flat orange Fanta.  The nurse took blood an hour later and things went smoothly.  Afterwards however I felt dizzy and had the shakes which I think was because I hadn’t eaten much so I definitely recommend that you grab a bite to eat right afterwards.
How my life has changed so far:  I feel like I’m being let into a whole new world or an exclusive private club, you know the one you aren’t really apart of before having kids “The Mom Group”!  Before hearing about other people’s kids was like looking at someone’s vacation photos, you’re happy for them but you can’t relate.  Well now I find myself totally engrossed, it’s all fascinating and exciting.  I’m being told about fun Mom groups to join, tricks to get into the hot daycare spots, what pediatricians are total jerks and which ones are great, etc… My prenatal yoga class is also a great source for new Mama's because it provides you the opportunity to meet new women that can relate to what you are experiencing & you can swap prego stories.
Movement: All throughout the day now! They are getting stronger, she must be practicing her high kicks.  I do however feel like she is sitting on my bladder, which calls for frequent bathroom breaks! 
Food cravings: Grape nuts cereal with honey and milk. Still loving tons of fruit and veggies with ranch.    

Symptoms: This week has been good, I’m happy and excited!
Tonight: We have our hospital tour so I am looking forward to seeing the maternity area, where all the magic happens!

Friday, July 6, 2012


An Herbal Life smoothie bar is walking distance from my office so I regularly grab their aloe, tea, & smoothie.  All 3 for around 210 calories & only $5

Vic's white cheddar popcorn I think it's around 150 calories and you get a good amount, plus they say popcorn is good to snack on when your pregnant.

Keeping fresh organic blueberries washed & ready to eat  in the fridge will help you make healthier snack choices when you are in a hurry
Not every snack option I make is a great one case in point this Cotton Candy flavored lollipop! A last second checkout purchase while shopping for office supplies at Staples, I might have to go back for more lollipops because this was a treat!

Thursday, July 5, 2012


Loving my new Sperry gold Top Siders
Purchase info here
My Panama hat from J.Crew
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My nautical inspired open back shirt from Urban Outfitters here

My fringed lace beach cover up by Make+Model
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(**I do have nude bottoms on underneath it just isn't showing up in the picture) 

All of these purchases are inspired by our upcoming trip to San Diego, I am soo ready!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012