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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I need this Trio-Beverage Dispenser!  How great is this for parties... the possibilities are endless! Cucumber water in one, lemonade, ice tea, wine sangria, sparkling water, etc!!!   Such a great display piece it's fun and totally practical!  You can buy from Z Gallerie for $69.95.  Also makes a great wedding gift!   

Friday, August 27, 2010


This is what I hope to accomplish this weekend!  When I am done... I will share pictures with you!  My shoes are out of control and I think I need to say goodbye to a few of them.  I need to find clear stackable boxes for them so I can see what pair is where & keep them together.  This will be a great weekend project to keep me busy while my husband studies for his CPA exam. 


Just thought I would share with you the products I use and love!  The first is Rembrandt toothpaste and it is for whitening and stain removal and it works really well.  The second is Burt's Bees champagne colored chap stick/gloss it is a nude color and it is great for everyday!  I know men hate kissing girls that load up on lip gloss that is sticky and gloppy.  Third is my favorite face wash by Aveeno, I have really sensitive skin and this product is gentle yet my face feels nice & clean.  Lastly I put the sunless spray tan I use by Neutrogena, it is fool proof and looks natural. 

Happy Friday Everyone!

Photo credit: http://www.rembrandt.com/, http://www.burtsbees.com/, http://www.aveeno.com/, & http://www.neutrogena.com/

Thursday, August 26, 2010


So I am trying to plan ahead for my Hubby's 30th Birthday party!  I want to do a "Rustic Italian" themed dinner party and I thought since we love wine that I would like to incorporate it in the decor somehow.  I found these two great pictures for inspiration!  I love the look of wax dripped down the sides of a Chianti bottle but you see that in most Italian restaurants and so it is a bit common.  I love the idea of cutting the bottles so I don't have to worry about cleaning up dried wax everywhere!  Both ideas are fun, easy, and inexpensive! 

Photo credit: Theblissful.blogspot.com

Thursday, August 19, 2010


It seems like the month of August has been such a blur, I have been traveling a lot.  This weekend I am off to see my "Wild Child" BFF in Seattle.  Can't wait for a little girl time, drinking wine, a night out on the town, going for a walk with her adorable puppy Louie, and of course shopping! 

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


What a fun idea from Eric Therner a DIAMOND shaped light bulb.  Can't you picture this light over your vanity, in a little girls room, a boutique, or in a salon. Great piece for only $29.
Photo credit: Jesper Lindstrom

Monday, August 16, 2010


My purchases today from TARGET that won't hurt your wallet!

1. I have been looking for some dark black jeggings and have had a really hard time finding a pair I liked.  I literally have tried on 10 pairs from J Brand, Gap, American Eagle, Forever 21, etc... and I actually think these Mossimo double dyed are the best ones I have found especially for the bargain price of $24.99

2.  I also purchased these leopard Merona flats that are super cute on and not as wide as some of their other shoes.  These actually have a mini wedge so they give you a little lift for $24.99.

3.  The piece of resistance is the great pair of faux leather & knit leggings from Mossimo for $29.99.  I could not find a picture of them online so I posted a picture of Sandra with a similar pair.  Alice + Olivia and Burberry are just a couple of designers that have a similar pair out for this Fall.  Leather is going to be a MUST!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I am so excited for our friends wedding this weekend at the historic Hotel Del! I am getting my nails done at lunch, packing tonight, & getting a spray tan tomorrow.  Oh how I LOVE weddings!  I will post pictures when we get back.  *Best Wishes to the Bride & Groom!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I just realized that J Crew has a SISTER Company called Madewell.  Good news RIGHT! So I had a few minutes to spare at work and I decided to check out their website.  I found some great accessories that I want to add to my closet very soon.  I am not a big belt person but I came across these 2 great ones....the skinny leopard is $48 and the camel stud belt is on SALE for $24.99 woohoo!  I also loved this black scarf that comes in red and cream for $39.50.  The silk bromley blouse in white wash can easily be dressed up for work or can be paired with a pair of jeans for an easy casual look priced at $98. http://www.madewell.com/

Monday, August 9, 2010


So my sister Kailey has always been a little Fashionista!  My Mom and I totally value her opinion when we go shopping because she keeps us young and hip!  So yesterday she showed me her new shoes for school and I was amazed at how cute they were on.  I think these Vans are a little more preppy like the Keds and Converse shoes you see every where.  These are perfect to throw on and go with your more casual outfits and they are great for traveling.  They are priced at $40 and are called the "Palisades Vulcanized."
Check them out at http://www.vans.com/

Friday, August 6, 2010


One of my BFF's from college got married last weekend at the Pelican Hill in Newport Beach.  The wedding was PERFECT in every way and the Hubby & I had so much fun!  Here are a few of my favorite pictures from our amazing weekend!

1. Our hotel was across the street from Fashion Island =Heaven
2. The amazing grounds of Pelican Hill
3. The beautiful bride xoxo
4. Her to die for Louboutin's I had to take a picture
5. Cocktail hour with my Hubby
6. My friend Kelli, the Bride, & Me
7.  Hubby at Javiers my favorite Mexican restaurant

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Ann Taylor Loft $29.99
Urban Outfitters $78
J Crew $98
J Crew $118
Every store I have been in lately seems to carry their own version of a military/field jacket.  I bought the top one from Ann Taylor Loft a month ago for quite a bit more but now it is priced to steal!  I love mine and it is great for layering and you can totally dress it up or down.  I listed a few other choices if you are in the market for one of these jackets for Fall.  Make a mental note to look for this style the next time you go shopping & you will see that this is a great piece for your Fall wardrobe.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I love Mexican food!! I think I could live off of chips, salsa, and guacamole! 

1. I will start with the tortilla chips called Have'A Corn Chip. They have a unique soy sauce taste which sounds weird but they are a must try. They are made in Laguna Beach but I found them at Whole Foods. 
2.The Wholly Guacamole Spicy is a must have in your fridge it lasts longer & it comes in 2 packages so you can use as much as you need and save some for later.  It is the best pre-made guacamole I have ever had! 
3. This citrus squeezer from Crate & Barrel is great for fresh lime juice for homemade Margs!
4. I wanted to post this picture for decor ideas.  I love the idea of serving salsa in a margarita glass to keep with the theme!  
5.  Corona Light with lime aaaah!  Put on ice and put in a fun bucket or serving piece and use as centerpieces on your table!

Photo Credits:

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I have been searching for a cute reasonably priced OVER SIZED clutch and I found this one at Urban online in the SALE section for only $19.99.  What a steal right....I love the patent look! I think I am going to order the grey one because I already have a black clutch that I love.  This clutch can be paired with a casual day time look or an evening outfit.  
Colors pictured black, grey, & coral.
Photos & Order Info at http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/