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Thursday, August 30, 2012


Gender:  Girl
How far along? 35 weeks
Baby Size:  According to our sonogram last week 4lbs 14 ounces and growing! 
Total weight gain: 23 lbs  
Maternity clothes? Over it. I am more focused on postpartum outfits and swooning over the new Fall trends!  Can’t wait to be back in a pair of my jeans!
Exercise: Walked every morning during our trip to San Diego to get a latte and lemon muffin (best part of my day).  We also took a sunset walk and of course did some walking down to the beach! Now that were back in 110 degree heat I have been pretty wiped out and un-motivated.
Recent happenings? We had our last sonogram! It was so fun to see our baby bunny and hear about her progress!  During the sonogram she was a lady she kept her feet crossed, we saw a little hair on her head, she had a few cute hiccups, and we learned that she was head down!  So amazing…I love her so much already!
How my life has changed so far: I had my first reality check when I told my Mom about a few parties and weddings we have coming up. She asked me who was watching the baby?  I had thought about that very question but now things are getting so close it freaked me out! We are so used to coming and going as we please, we keep a pretty loaded social calendar so it will be a BIG adjustment to have a little one to plan our world around, but I know we will be happy to do it!
Movement: Lots of not so funny rib tickling, girlfriend is making things a bit un-comfortable for me. Her movements are stronger and are hard to ignore.  She distracts me all throughout the day with hard rolls and stretches.  At night forget about sleeping that’s when she wants to party, I tell Matt that it feels like she is doing the California worm in my belly.
Food cravings: On our baby moon I actually enjoyed Mexican food… go figure?!, lemon muffins from the local coffee shop were a daily MUST, Cliff peanut butter protein bars, mint chocolate chip ice cream, shrimp, crab, and orange San Pellegrino!
Symptoms: This week I have taken a turn in my pregnancy, the one that you hear about…the breaking point where you are so un-comfortable that you are no longer scared about labor but praying for the day to come! I’m also really weepy I have cried every day this week about nothing at all, I think it’s from my lack of sleep due to dance party USA in my belly and constant potty breaks throughout the night! I’m HOT all the time, my husband has gotten used to seeing me around the house in nothing but my skivvies with the AC blasting! Finally I have the mentality of an 90 year old lady in that I just don’t flipping care about what people think & my memory is shot, prego brain is here to stay!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Car seat
Can't leave the hospital without one!
Purchase here
Going home outfit
Something soft & sweet, I packed two because every girl needs options !
Purchase here
Receiving blanket  
I'm still not sure what qualifies as a receiving blanket but a soft thin blankie for the car ride home will do
For soothing the babydoll
Purchase here

Friday, August 24, 2012


 Per my doctor yesterday it's time for us to pack our bags!
Lululemon define jacket
Easy to zip up & go
Should have easy access for breastfeeding too!
Purchase here
Lululemon Astro T Pant Tall
(had mine hemmed to fit just right, free of charge in stores)
I can't say enough about these, they fit me now at 34 weeks and are super comfortable. They have two folds at the top for extra support or roll one down for more stretch, I'm obsessed! I plan on wearing these home from the hospital.
Purchase here
for labor & to keep things fresh
Aveda love to go set
shampoo, conditioner, hand/foot cream, & chap stick need I say more!
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For the feetsies
cozy socks(no one likes to have cold feet), slippers (to walk around the hospital), & capri sandals (to wear home).
The fuzzy embarrassing kind 
Purchase here
Purchase here
 Ipad & phone with charger
Ipad to watch movies, send emails, catch up on my favorite blogs! Phone to call friends & family and to snap a few pictures!
Wrap nursing sleep bra
ooober sexy I know but it will be nice to have on for those around the clock feedings 
 Purchase here
to keep the girls from getting chapped
Purchase here
Boppy pillow for feedings
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A favorite snack & drink for a little pick me up in between hospital meals
something soft & easy to thrown on, like this one from Gap body
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Baby & Daddy's Hospital Bag to follow...


Free People Dress & Romper
I wore this dress to our couples baby shower a few weeks ago. I LOVE it & it's not maternity!! I plan on wearing it this fall with leggings, boots, and a jacket...very versatile! I got lots of compliments on it too! For $88 it's a MUST and it comes in several different colors. You definitely have to buy the romper or tank dress to wear underneath.
Me & The Hubby 32 weeks & counting!
Purchase info dress & slip
*couldn't find my romper online but I bought both in store
DVF kaftan 
I absolutely fell in love with the turquoise/pool color of this dress! The fit of the dress is somewhat shapeless but that's also what makes this piece fabulous. It's 100% silk from India so it's very breathable & perfect for those hot summer days.
Purchase info here

Monday, August 6, 2012


Gender:  Girly Girl
How far along? 31 weeks
Baby Size:  Size of a Pineapple
Total weight gain: 20 lbs  
*This is when your baby goes through a  major growth spurt so from this point on your supposed to gain a 1 lb a week!
Maternity clothes: I’m set in this department, going to ride out the last 9 weeks with what I have! Now I’m starting to think about what I will wear home from the hospital! Also looking into a few postpartum necessities nursing bras, easy access tops, and leggings.
Exercise:  Looking forward to walking on the beach in San Diego and getting some exercise in while on our babymoon!
Recent happenings: I would recommend Daddy Boot camp for first time Dad’s, Matt came home super pumped and taught me a few things! It was cute to hear him tell me how to change a baby’s diaper, he was grinning from ear to ear!  I also went to a meet & greet for a potential Pediatrics office in our neighborhood, I really liked all of their personalities and philosophies. I learned a few things too! Like I need to get a flu shot before our bumpcake is born because some of the vaccine could transfer to the baby, also whopping cough is important for Mom (you will get in hospital after birth), Dad, Grandparents, or anyone else who will be spending a lot of time with the baby.  
How my life has changed so far: I can no longer see my toes so putting on my shoes is a real chore. Thankfully Matt has learned the art of mastering a strappy sandal, he is so patient with me & helps me get my sandals on! The little things that count the most!

Movement: Lots of rolls, twists, & turns, I think this little miss is slowly outgrowing her living quarters not as much room to kick & play as she grows in size.
Food cravings: My appetite has grown a bit, I’m hungrier than I used to be but I get full and uncomfortable fast?! This weekend I passed up leftover Mexican food for a sandwich?! Mexican food is one of my favorite things but it's been kind of a turnoff most of my pregnancy?! So I made a delicious turkey bacon,avocado,onion,sprout,tomato sandwich at home! I ate this for lunch & dinner and it sounds pretty good right now:) 
Symptoms:  Shortness of breath, lower tummy and back aches.  Also not sleeping as well my shoulder starts to hurt from always having to sleep on my left side. However, this weekend I made up for it with a 3.5 hour nap, early bedtimes, and late morning wakeups… guess my body needed some rest!
Looking forward to our couples baby shower & my two BFF's coming to visit this weekend!

Friday, August 3, 2012


Love this time of year in AZ with summer storms and gorgeous sunsets!
Taken @ Scottsdale Quarter after dinner & college shopping with my Mom & Sister.

Trying out this Nivea daily moisturizer and gradual sunless tanner.  It smells great and so far so good, very subtle looking.

 This painting has a lot of meaning to me, I bought it back in college while I was traveling through Europe on Semester at Sea. While we were docked in Russia we bought tickets to see the Russian ballet showing of The Black Swan. It was breathtaking, stunning, beautiful, exquisite... an experience to remember. After the show I bought this ballerina painting from a street vendor to remind me of that night.  I just pulled it out of storage at my Dad's house, had it framed, & now it hangs perfectly in our baby girls nursery!