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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thursday, September 27, 2012


So happy with the end result of our little baby doll's room!
Chandelier c/o Gigi
Animal prints as posted here & here
LOVE print from Made by Girl 
 One of my favorite pieces is this pale pink lumbar pillow made by a very dear Family friend for her room
Love the sophie giraffe, the hot pink book titled "This little piggy went to PRADA", I Love JEANS faux book inside is her first pair of baby girl jeans... to die for! How cute is the little sock monkey too! 
Love the crib centered in the room for a little added interest
Crib skirt from Restoration Hardware Baby & Crib sheet found via Pinterest
 Curtains from West Elm 
Ballerina oil painting from my trip to Europe
Grey & White blanket Nordstroms home
Obsessed with her little Wayfarer's, Hubby's Brophy High School bear (sweater removed), Mine & Hubby's silver baby cups, Aunt Katie bought her the "to the moon & back" frame, baskets Pottery Barn Kids, Hubby's silver bear piggy bank, pink & grey baby book from Hallmark, sheep white noise maker.  
 West Elm's Silver tray to keep pacis & lotions for baby 
 Our UPPA Baby Stroller ready to go for our daily walks, c/o Grandpa!


Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Woke up Saturday morning to a knock at the door, our amazing neighbor surprised Matt & I with yummy sprinkled donuts for breakfast! 
Received my free drink coupon from Starbucks, Pumpkin Spice latte please!
My BFF/Supermodel Sister surprised me from Tucson for my family baby shower!

Such a treat to do a little pampering with My Mom & Sister
Attended a UofA Alumni event to watch the Cats face off Oregon
Had my Family baby shower & everything was so beautiful & pink of course! I'm a lucky girl!
My Cousin Lauren made the best homemade popcorn in these Ready To Pop canisters, sooo cute! 
Lauren also hand painted me an abstract of a pregnant woman to represent fertiliy & it will always remind me of my baby girl & my preganacy experience. She is going to add the baby's name, weight, birth date, etc... and frame for me.  Is that the most amazing present or what, I was blown away & I love her!  
Mimosas with light up pink ducks!
Floating umbrellas
Diaper wrapped party favors!
Hubby showed up with these & to load all the gifts!
Roses from the shower
A huge THANK YOU to my Family for making me feel like the luckiest girl in the WORLD!

Friday, September 21, 2012


Splendid's Modal Fold Waist leggings, great with everything!
 Purchase here
ASOS Navy Dial Boyfriend Watch
Purchase here

Tory Burch "Most Wanted the Fox" Poplin cosmetic case 
Purchase here
BR quilted cross body, I bought this for my sister last year and I'm happy to see it again this Fall.  Great little classic purse!
Purchase here
J Crew Tippi Sweater in Camel, it's light weight and great for layering
Purchase here
Anything Peplum! I'm really bummed that I have not been able to try the peplum craze, being that I'm majorly pregnant I don't think a ruffle around my waist would do me any favors.
Love this lace peplum top for a night out or for a future holiday party!
Purchase here

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Gender:  Girl
How far along? 37 weeks in 2 days
Baby Size: Considered full term this Saturday will find out her size next week
Total weight gain: 24 lbs  
Exercise: Zip zero! Need to start walking around the Mall or something it’s too hot outside and I’m desperate to get labor started a few weeks early!  *Obviously if Little Miss needs more time in the oven that is where she will stay for as long as she needs!  
Recent happenings? I recently joined the NCPG, a social group for young Mom’s that get together 2x a month and discuss Lady things and raise money for charities!  It’s a great place to meet new gal pals and talk about babies & girl stuff! I will leave it at that for now since we have only had 1 meeting.
How my life has changed so far: I’m driving around town with an empty car seat in the backseat of my car. It scared me half to death one day because I forgot that we had installed it and I saw it out of the corner of my eye and panicked thinking someone was behind me!
Movement: Lots of it all day long! Especially when I lay down for bed, It has been keeping me up at night because it‘s constant.  Great preparation for sleepless nights ahead!
Food cravings: Slurpee’s from Circle K the really sugary nasty ones, I mix the Coca Cola & Cherry flavors.  I also have to eat it with a spoon, they got rid of those straws with the little scooper at the end L (trust me it’s a big deal right now). I had a craving for Mac & Cheese my husband’s only specialty dish, love you honey! Also back to craving Fuji apples and My Mom keeps my homemade Rice Krispy treats stocked, she’s the best.
Symptoms:  My first moment of panic started last night when a tingling/painful sensation in my lower pelvic area started.  It felt like a spasm or electric shock that rang from the right side to the left and even a little down my thighs. It‘s a stop what you’re doing for 20 seconds kinda pain that came every 20 minutes for 2 hours. It freaked Matt and I out because were ready but not ready!  Talked to my Doctor this am and she told me to drink 100 gallons of water, and it could just be my body preparing itself! Also having killer lower back pain at the end of the day from lugging this belly around all day.



1. Preparing for Fall requires a good bronzer, once that summer glow fades it's nice to have a little bronzer on hand. I have been recommended to try NARS "Laguna" it has a light gold shimmer under tone. I love NARS "Orgasm" blush too! 
Purchase here
2. As for my lips I have been drawn to a natural/nude tone that is great for everyday. Mac's "Myth" is a great nude lipstick.
Here is Kristin Cavallari wearing it & in the bottom right corner it shows a smudge of the color
Photo source
 3. I can't say enough great things about these Aveeno Ultra Calming Make-up remover wipes! They are by far the best ones I have tried...they smell amazing & leave your face clean & silky (think cashmere)! I buy mine at Target.  
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Thursday, August 30, 2012


Gender:  Girl
How far along? 35 weeks
Baby Size:  According to our sonogram last week 4lbs 14 ounces and growing! 
Total weight gain: 23 lbs  
Maternity clothes? Over it. I am more focused on postpartum outfits and swooning over the new Fall trends!  Can’t wait to be back in a pair of my jeans!
Exercise: Walked every morning during our trip to San Diego to get a latte and lemon muffin (best part of my day).  We also took a sunset walk and of course did some walking down to the beach! Now that were back in 110 degree heat I have been pretty wiped out and un-motivated.
Recent happenings? We had our last sonogram! It was so fun to see our baby bunny and hear about her progress!  During the sonogram she was a lady she kept her feet crossed, we saw a little hair on her head, she had a few cute hiccups, and we learned that she was head down!  So amazing…I love her so much already!
How my life has changed so far: I had my first reality check when I told my Mom about a few parties and weddings we have coming up. She asked me who was watching the baby?  I had thought about that very question but now things are getting so close it freaked me out! We are so used to coming and going as we please, we keep a pretty loaded social calendar so it will be a BIG adjustment to have a little one to plan our world around, but I know we will be happy to do it!
Movement: Lots of not so funny rib tickling, girlfriend is making things a bit un-comfortable for me. Her movements are stronger and are hard to ignore.  She distracts me all throughout the day with hard rolls and stretches.  At night forget about sleeping that’s when she wants to party, I tell Matt that it feels like she is doing the California worm in my belly.
Food cravings: On our baby moon I actually enjoyed Mexican food… go figure?!, lemon muffins from the local coffee shop were a daily MUST, Cliff peanut butter protein bars, mint chocolate chip ice cream, shrimp, crab, and orange San Pellegrino!
Symptoms: This week I have taken a turn in my pregnancy, the one that you hear about…the breaking point where you are so un-comfortable that you are no longer scared about labor but praying for the day to come! I’m also really weepy I have cried every day this week about nothing at all, I think it’s from my lack of sleep due to dance party USA in my belly and constant potty breaks throughout the night! I’m HOT all the time, my husband has gotten used to seeing me around the house in nothing but my skivvies with the AC blasting! Finally I have the mentality of an 90 year old lady in that I just don’t flipping care about what people think & my memory is shot, prego brain is here to stay!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Car seat
Can't leave the hospital without one!
Purchase here
Going home outfit
Something soft & sweet, I packed two because every girl needs options !
Purchase here
Receiving blanket  
I'm still not sure what qualifies as a receiving blanket but a soft thin blankie for the car ride home will do
For soothing the babydoll
Purchase here

Friday, August 24, 2012


 Per my doctor yesterday it's time for us to pack our bags!
Lululemon define jacket
Easy to zip up & go
Should have easy access for breastfeeding too!
Purchase here
Lululemon Astro T Pant Tall
(had mine hemmed to fit just right, free of charge in stores)
I can't say enough about these, they fit me now at 34 weeks and are super comfortable. They have two folds at the top for extra support or roll one down for more stretch, I'm obsessed! I plan on wearing these home from the hospital.
Purchase here
for labor & to keep things fresh
Aveda love to go set
shampoo, conditioner, hand/foot cream, & chap stick need I say more!
Purchase here
For the feetsies
cozy socks(no one likes to have cold feet), slippers (to walk around the hospital), & capri sandals (to wear home).
The fuzzy embarrassing kind 
Purchase here
Purchase here
 Ipad & phone with charger
Ipad to watch movies, send emails, catch up on my favorite blogs! Phone to call friends & family and to snap a few pictures!
Wrap nursing sleep bra
ooober sexy I know but it will be nice to have on for those around the clock feedings 
 Purchase here
to keep the girls from getting chapped
Purchase here
Boppy pillow for feedings
Purchase here
A favorite snack & drink for a little pick me up in between hospital meals
something soft & easy to thrown on, like this one from Gap body
Purchase here
Baby & Daddy's Hospital Bag to follow...