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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


My Hump

A gift from The Fitz-Gerald's her Aunt & Uncle via friendship! How adorable <3

Gender:  Girly Girl!!!
How far along? 30 weeks only 10 more to go!
Baby Size:  3 lbs & 15 inches long
Total weight gain: 17+ lbs  
Maternity clothes? Still mixing in my regular clothes & trying to make my hump look stylish!  
Exercise: Staying with my Pre-Natal yoga class once a week.  
Recent happenings? This baby is taking all of my nutrients; my Doctor has me taking slow releasing iron now. I’m up to 5 vitamins a day! Im also dying to hear about Matt’s Daddy bootcamp it’s tomorrow night! Wish there was a double sided mirror for the wives to watch, I can only imagine how funny it would be!
How my life has changed so far:  We are now starting to train our other baby… our dog Lute to sleep in the main part of the house to become more of a watch dog rather than our big cuddly snuggle bunny. We moved his bed out of our room & into the main part of the house so he can conduct his nightly patrol and keep our soon to be family of 3 safe! He is taking his job very seriously and I think he likes his new role in the household!
*All recommendations from Gigi she holds a gold medal in security, love you Mom J
Movement: Her movements are much stronger now.  She is a silly one, about once a day now she gets me good with a few really strong thrusts that I literally shout with surprise!  I’m also noticing movement from the outside as well where I can see a bulge on one side of my belly where I am guessing her little butt is pressingJ
Food cravings: Back to bagels, cinnamon raisin with butter is on the menu for lunch this week!  I went through a chocolate cereal thing for a day where I ate it dry and right out of the box until my stomach ached (it still makes me grossed out just thinking about it). Still loving fruit: nectarines, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, cantelope, you  name it!    
Symptoms: It’s a sick cycle I’m thirsty throughout the night , which leads to you guessed it…lots of potty breaks as well. My nesting has kicked in a little bit and I’m anxious to get things marked off my checklist!

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