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Thursday, January 20, 2011


I have really sensitive skin & so I have to be very careful as to what products I use.  I love this daily microfoliant from Dermalogica because it's powder consistency scrub is gentle yet it feels like it removes the dead skin cells without the rough sand feeling.
The best price I have found is at Amazon.com for $34.50, this will last you awhile
I use this night recovery cream by Olay Regenerist, it is supposed to give you a mini face lift every night!  I like it because it doesn't irritate my skin & it is not greasy.  It feels like a whipped silky cream and it leaves my face feeling refreshed.  I buy mine at Walgreens and I believe it rounds around $19 a jar.

This Vitamin E & Cuticle Oil by Sally Hansen is really amazing.  Vitamin E is always good for healing cuts and so I use this product on my cuticles and on my skin.  This is really gross but my husband lost a fingernail from dropping a huge piece of metal on his thumb when he was working as an Industrial Engineer about 6 years ago.  He went to the doctor and he really didn't offer much advice about how to get his nail to grow back so he went 6 years without a thumb nail (yuck).  I decided to try this oil on his thumb, & I put it on every night for about a month and his nail is now 100% healed like nothing ever happened.  I highly recommend it!
You can find this at your local drugstore.

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