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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


This beef jerky recipe is so EASY and will be a big hit!  Could make a great gift for Father's Day, long car trips, tailgating, or just a quick & healthy snack.  I use my food dehydrator for this but you can also bake in your oven.

London Broil sliced into strips *I ask our grocery butcher to cut for me
Soy Sauce, Worsteshire Sauce, or any Lawry's Marinade or a combo of all 3
Seasoned Pepper
Cayenne Pepper
Red Chili Peppers

Pour in enough marinade to cover the strips of beef in a large Ziploc, let sit overnight, the next day lay each strip out 1/2 inch apart on trays & sprinkle with seasonings above to your desired level of spice, turn on dehydrator and let cook over night or approx 10-12 hours until done.
 For directions on how to cook in your oven click here


Photo credit: Food & Wine

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