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Monday, October 3, 2011


After a long weekend of dinner with friends at the Culinary Dropout, going to a comedy show, helping my sister in-law purchase a new condo, tailgating & going to the Cardinals game, etc.... I plopped down exhausted on the couch with my lap top last night to relax. 
Only to find out my cousin had posted on my facebook a link to the Arizona Foothills Magazine "Most Fashionable in the Valley over 30",  so I clicked the link and laughed with joy and a little bit of horror once I saw my name on the list. I was mostly concentrated on the "Over 30" part of it, once I got over those horrific words I had a good laugh and then decided what the hell if my name is on the list I will embrace it! 
So if you have a chance today please vote!  Kristin Van Leer Edwards 


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  1. So cool! Congrats! I just voted..hope it's not too late. :)