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Monday, October 31, 2011


Champagne to celebrate my first real estate closing
The kitty litter dessert I made for a friends Halloween dinner party
My brother KJ who is leaving for the Navy in one week LOVE you to pieces
KJ offered to make me breakfast Saturday morning, sweet right?! He just literally started learning how to cook & got a little carried away with the ingredients...he put cinnamon, rosemary, asparagus, cheese, and coconut milk in my eggs...ugh I almost died.  It made me laugh because when I was his age I made my Dad Diet Dr. Pepper chicken.
Scored this twice used white Kitchen Aid at an estate sale for $50, so in love with it
Sunday night Football & Chinese takeout


  1. Still enjoying the kitty litter cake! Did you order chinese from my delivery place? Hope you liked it!

  2. Haha yes your post gave me the idea to try Little Shanghi, having it delivered was the deal sealer!