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Friday, March 22, 2013


1. Aquababy bath ring
She LOVES bath time, this ring helps her sit up in the big tub so she can splash and play.
Purchase here

2. Buggy Bagg shopping cart/highchair cover
We love this cover it's plush and has everything you could ask for it comes in fun patterns, it has a zippered pocket for your phone/wallet/pacis etc, bottle holders, and it folds up nicely.
Purchase here 
3.  Pureed avocado a stage 1 fruit, we call her Daddy's guacamole girl
I make Kinny's baby food when I can and avocado is definitely her favorite! 
4. Melissa & Doug's bug jug
 This was a gift and she absolutely adores these little bugs! There soft, they jingle, crinkle,and rattle. She sits in her highchair every morning and plays with these. The jug is soft and really cute too.
Purchase here
5. Hylands Teething Tablets
Her first tooth is slowly breaking through and it has been pretty painful so these tablets have been a lifesaver!
Purchase here
6. Fisher Price Learning Kitchen
She sits in her bumbo chair next to this kitchen and seems to love playing with it and enjoys the sounds it makes! I think we will get a few months out of this toy because once she is able to sit up she can open it up and there are more ways to play with it.
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