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Wednesday, July 7, 2010


So as I look at my nails right now I realieze that my mani-pedi appointment is well over due.  I also feel like I deserve a little pampering and an hour in a massage chair will do the trick! I really like Deborah Lippmann's line of polishes and accessories.  From left to right...These slippers are a MUST they have loofah soles that exfoliate your feet & keep them free of dry skin/heels and ready for your strappy sandals, next we have a polish named "daytripper" a color I seem to always reach for I think it works well with my skin tone, the next color is a top seller titled "waking up in vegas" it's a fabulous creme/grey color I can't wait to try, & lastly "superstar" how can you not like this one! 
All found at http://www.lippmanncollection.com/

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