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Friday, July 9, 2010


So my cousin just got back from Italy and she brought back this to die for balsamic glaze.  It is much thicker than the typical balsamic vinaigrette's and so calling it a glaze best describes its consistency.  So this morning I decided to hunt some down online because it was that good! I came across this brand Mussini Crema & it looks very similar to the one I tried last night.  I am going to order a bottle & give this one a try.  Pair it with a glass of wine and put it out with brie cheese, crackers, pear slices, nuts, cranberries, a sliced baguette, etc... and have a anti pasta plate for dinner!  For a package of two it will cost you $21 and it is well worth it!  Purchase info:

***Update I found a great balsamic glaze Cucina Viva at The Oakville Grocery at Scottsdale Rd. & Greenway for $4.99!!

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