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Monday, August 9, 2010


So my sister Kailey has always been a little Fashionista!  My Mom and I totally value her opinion when we go shopping because she keeps us young and hip!  So yesterday she showed me her new shoes for school and I was amazed at how cute they were on.  I think these Vans are a little more preppy like the Keds and Converse shoes you see every where.  These are perfect to throw on and go with your more casual outfits and they are great for traveling.  They are priced at $40 and are called the "Palisades Vulcanized."
Check them out at http://www.vans.com/


  1. Awwwwww thanks sista!!!! u forgot to mention how beautiful talented and the best siter ever!! hahaha jk jk i luv ur blog!! keep it up - Kailey

  2. You are too cute! You are the BEST sister & I do think you are very beautiful...duh we are related! haha xo Krissy

  3. hahahha hell ya i mean we got lucky i mean kj well i think hes adopted hahahhahaha jk jk!!! i luv ur blog its my fav no joke !!! - kailey but i think u knew that :)