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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Gender:  BABY GIRL!!!
How far along? 25 weeks 4 days
Baby Size:  1.5 lbs & 13.5 inches
Total weight gain: 16 lbs
Maternity clothes?  I have a few Maternity tops & I’m loving my Liz Lange yoga pants.  Still incorporating my own wardrobe. I did buy the Charlie dress from Stylemint as posted earlier & pictured above. I just ordered 2 sizes up & I love it! I bought a 2nd one in yellow.
Exercise:  A girlfriend and I signed up for prenatal  yoga through Floo-id Yoga.  Their prenatal yoga classes are located inside a store in North Scottsdale called Destination Maternity.  I absolutely loved it and plan on going every Saturday morning! It was nice to share experiences with other prego gals and the workout involved bonding with your baby, which I thought was sweet.  It was also a great way to de-stress and take a moment for yourself.
Miss Anything? Sleeping on my stomach! Of course I also miss wine, brie cheese, sushi, & turkey sandwiches.
How my life has changed so far:  My social calendar consists of prenatal education, a hospital tour, our baby shower, Matt has Daddy boot camp to look forward to, and I have the dreaded glucose test next week! All things baby already! I definitely panic a little and want to make sure I don’t become one of those Moms that are all consumed by their baby, I want to have a social life too!
Movement:  Yes lots! I had my first prenatal massage last week, a sweet gift from my Mother in Law and it was loved by Mama and baby! The masseuse did a Hawaiian blessing over my bump & than rubbed my belly like I was Buddha.  Baby doll liked her touch very much because she kicked back with excitement, it was really cute.  It was a great experience and it helped relieve some of my lower back aches. I highly recommend treating yourself to a little massage during your 2nd trimester.
Food cravings: I am hooked on high fiber toast, Fuji apples, yogurt, Kids cereals, & peanuts!
Symptoms:  I was really sensitive and emotional last week.  Poor Lute & Matt have been working overtime at home. Everything makes me cry and Lute can’t stand it! He watches my every move and anticipates when the waterworks are coming on so he is prepared to attack me with his licks & love! I told Matt I was creeped out the other night because I woke up and he was right there next to the bed watching me sleep. I regularly wake myself up at night when I realize Im sleeping on my back a No No at this point in my pregnancy. Im sure I huffed/puffed to roll myself over on my left side keeping him on high alert! He must love when I leave the house these days so he can catch up on his sleep & relax.  

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