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Thursday, August 30, 2012


Gender:  Girl
How far along? 35 weeks
Baby Size:  According to our sonogram last week 4lbs 14 ounces and growing! 
Total weight gain: 23 lbs  
Maternity clothes? Over it. I am more focused on postpartum outfits and swooning over the new Fall trends!  Can’t wait to be back in a pair of my jeans!
Exercise: Walked every morning during our trip to San Diego to get a latte and lemon muffin (best part of my day).  We also took a sunset walk and of course did some walking down to the beach! Now that were back in 110 degree heat I have been pretty wiped out and un-motivated.
Recent happenings? We had our last sonogram! It was so fun to see our baby bunny and hear about her progress!  During the sonogram she was a lady she kept her feet crossed, we saw a little hair on her head, she had a few cute hiccups, and we learned that she was head down!  So amazing…I love her so much already!
How my life has changed so far: I had my first reality check when I told my Mom about a few parties and weddings we have coming up. She asked me who was watching the baby?  I had thought about that very question but now things are getting so close it freaked me out! We are so used to coming and going as we please, we keep a pretty loaded social calendar so it will be a BIG adjustment to have a little one to plan our world around, but I know we will be happy to do it!
Movement: Lots of not so funny rib tickling, girlfriend is making things a bit un-comfortable for me. Her movements are stronger and are hard to ignore.  She distracts me all throughout the day with hard rolls and stretches.  At night forget about sleeping that’s when she wants to party, I tell Matt that it feels like she is doing the California worm in my belly.
Food cravings: On our baby moon I actually enjoyed Mexican food… go figure?!, lemon muffins from the local coffee shop were a daily MUST, Cliff peanut butter protein bars, mint chocolate chip ice cream, shrimp, crab, and orange San Pellegrino!
Symptoms: This week I have taken a turn in my pregnancy, the one that you hear about…the breaking point where you are so un-comfortable that you are no longer scared about labor but praying for the day to come! I’m also really weepy I have cried every day this week about nothing at all, I think it’s from my lack of sleep due to dance party USA in my belly and constant potty breaks throughout the night! I’m HOT all the time, my husband has gotten used to seeing me around the house in nothing but my skivvies with the AC blasting! Finally I have the mentality of an 90 year old lady in that I just don’t flipping care about what people think & my memory is shot, prego brain is here to stay!

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  1. how can you forget the pecan pancakes :)

    - your sister kailey