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Friday, August 24, 2012


 Per my doctor yesterday it's time for us to pack our bags!
Lululemon define jacket
Easy to zip up & go
Should have easy access for breastfeeding too!
Purchase here
Lululemon Astro T Pant Tall
(had mine hemmed to fit just right, free of charge in stores)
I can't say enough about these, they fit me now at 34 weeks and are super comfortable. They have two folds at the top for extra support or roll one down for more stretch, I'm obsessed! I plan on wearing these home from the hospital.
Purchase here
for labor & to keep things fresh
Aveda love to go set
shampoo, conditioner, hand/foot cream, & chap stick need I say more!
Purchase here
For the feetsies
cozy socks(no one likes to have cold feet), slippers (to walk around the hospital), & capri sandals (to wear home).
The fuzzy embarrassing kind 
Purchase here
Purchase here
 Ipad & phone with charger
Ipad to watch movies, send emails, catch up on my favorite blogs! Phone to call friends & family and to snap a few pictures!
Wrap nursing sleep bra
ooober sexy I know but it will be nice to have on for those around the clock feedings 
 Purchase here
to keep the girls from getting chapped
Purchase here
Boppy pillow for feedings
Purchase here
A favorite snack & drink for a little pick me up in between hospital meals
something soft & easy to thrown on, like this one from Gap body
Purchase here
Baby & Daddy's Hospital Bag to follow...

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