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Wednesday, June 9, 2010


So when my Hubby & I moved in together we had 2 sets of EVERYTHING! We knew very soon we would have 3 sets once our wedding gifts started arriving. So we decided to hang onto our old silverware in case we needed extra to entertain our rather LARGE families over the holidays! However, a few weeks later while shopping at my favorite local boutique I got inspired by the magnets they had for sale at $17 a POP! They had turned old antiqued spoons, knives, & forks into super fun magnets. So I ran to Michaels & purchased a package of tic-tac sized magnets. I plugged in my faithful glue gun & glued one at the top of a fork and one at the bottom. I also did the same to an old baby spoon that I found, I use it when we get baby's birth announcements! This project is beyond easy & I get lots of compliments on them! Have fun with this idea and let me know what other objects around the house can be made into fun artwork for your otherwise boring fridge!

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