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Friday, April 6, 2012


Just added this Stilla illuminating powder to my makeup routine.
I apply it with this Classic Bronzer brush #44

Recent Purchase from Mandy's boutique in Scottsdale this Rachel Pally Maxi

Just found this beauty while going through some old boxes from college...
I have a  real LOVE/HATE relationship with this blazer.  My Mom made me get it for college over 10 years ago because it was a classic piece that I guess she imagined me wearing to Sorority Chapter meetings?!?!  Anyways I never wore it, I wouldn't be caught dead!
Now of course I LOVE it!  It's timeless & super preppy. It's Kate Middleton all the way! I actually almost bought one similar from J.Crew this past Fall.
Can't wait to finally wear it, Thanks Mom! 

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