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Monday, April 23, 2012


Being pregnant has called for more family time at home on the weekends.  Matt and I have been little homebodies watching movies, getting take-out, painting the nursery, planting citrus trees & flowers, long mornings in bed talking...the list goes on!  Lute has been loving spending so much time with us & has been doing a little nesting himself.   In the middle of the night when my bladder calls, I get up surprised to see an empty dog bed next to our bed.  Where is Lute?? Half asleep I stumble through the house looking for him only to find him fast asleep on the floor in the baby's room. He knows something is happening & wants to be where the action is!    
So when the weekend is over and we are back to our busy work week he gets a little upset. So this morning as I was pulling out of the driveway I said goodbye to him from my car. He wouldn't even look at me, he gave me the total cold shoulder.  Made me laugh...I snapped this pic of THE GRUMP!

Here is a picture of THE BUMP at 16 weeks it's kinda freaking me out because I feel like I popped this past week.

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