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Thursday, April 5, 2012


I promise to limit my BABY posts to 1 a week!

 For all you Mama's & currently prego Mama's I would love to hear from you! I am open to your recommendations & any advice that you might have to share!

I know stretch marks are based on genetics but it's worth using this Palmer's cocoa butter just in case! Beware the scent of this lotion is enough to give you morning sickness.

Feeling better now so I am able to enjoy healthier meals like this.  Sweet potatoes are a pregnancy superfood so I try and add them in my diet.  There are those canned green beans again:) and lemon pepper chicken.

I have been given sooo many books on pregnancy and these aren't even all of them! Hope I can read them all!  I definitely recommend "What to Expect When Expecting" & "The Expectant Father" for the Dad to be!

My prenatal vitamin from Whole Foods, I recommend taking with dinner or before bed so your body can absorb it while you sleep.  It also helps avoid nausea!

I waited until I was past my first trimester to get my hair highligted!
3 months of waiting = very bad roots!
I will spare you the before, here is the glorius AFTER pic! Maybe it's a blonde thing but this is MAJOR in my book!



  1. Jocie just told me your news, so I thought I would see how things are going. I was really worried about stretch marks during pregnancy because I did get them on my hips and fun bags during puberty and what-not. I ended up not having any on my giant belly. I tried that Palmer's stuff, but found it to be no different than using any other lotion. I did use and like Bio-oil. I tried to just keep my skin REALLY hydrated the whole time. I think that is the most important thing. I am not sure that it really matters what you are squirting on your tummy, just keep it moisturized.

  2. Thanks Linds I have been moisturizing like a crazy person! We should all get togeher soon Im sure you have lots of tips!