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Monday, April 30, 2012


Sandal Season requires a good pumice and scrub in between those pedicure appointments

For those nights you just want to crawl into bed without spending 10 minutes washing, exfoliating, & moisturizing your face!

Just received our wedding invitation for my close friend Katie's wedding in NYC. She has been one super AMAZEBALLS Bride. I am going to be a prego bridesmaid for this one hence the 2.5, I can't wait to celebrate with the happy couple! 

My healthy Friday night dinner
Brown rice, organic broccoli, ground turkey with red bell peppers, onion, & garlic.

Served with my new favorite milk, Horizon 1% Organic milk. Im obsessed with this milk you can taste such a huge difference & it's worth the higher price.

My afternoon snack a yummy think thin mixed nuts protein bar

My first maternity purchase a pair of red Bermuda shorts. Holy waistband I could live in these shorts they are like pj's.
Found at Ross for $20 from $78 a brand that I'm unfamiliar with

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